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 Origin= Sao Paulo = Brazil

Artistic Information
Genre= Fusion of Latin,Hip Hop, Samba Pop,Urban.

Period of Activity = Since 2004


Alo Muchachas= 1997 ( Grupo Papofino)
Mi Raza =2007
Live in Santiago= 2010
EP Single( Schön Anzusehen)= 2015

Songs Played but
De Brasil a Panama

Fredy Turbina 2005 = 31 Minutos ( Chile )
Quando Pienses en Volver 2006 with Pedro Suarez Vertiz ( Peru)
De Brasil a Panama 2007 with Jimmy Fernandez = La Posse Latina ( Chile)
Media Luna 2008
Aquele Beijo 2009
Mi Raza 2010
Mariazinha 2010 ( Baque Forte Berlin)
De Brazil a Panama Live 2012 ( SO 36 Berlin ) Kaya Live 2016-( Ufa Fabrik-Berlin) Estica o Chiclete 2016-(São Paulo -Brazil)

Collaborations Emersound

En Paz = Joe Wasconcelos 2005= Chile
Fredi Turbina = 31 Minutos 2005= Chile
Television = 31 Minutos 2005= Chile
Yo Pino = 31 Minutos 2001= Chile
Quando Pienses en Volver 2006 Pedro Suares Vertiz = Peru
Kaya 2007 = Ema Pinto = Chile
De Brasil a Panama 2007= Jimmy Fernandez= Panama
Vendaval 2007 Marcelo Vergara = Chile
Media Luna 2008 Javier Barria = Chile
Y Te Voy a Dar 2010 Jose Luis Barba = Cuba
Sintonia 2010= Zeca Barreto = Brazil
Apaga a TV 2010 Luciano Maluco = Brazil
De Brasil a Panama ( Live) Coky Antiface = Chile
Schön Anzusehen 2012= Ajani MaCdowell = Jamaica
Si tu Supieras 2013 = Hector Barez el Coco (Calle 13 )=Puerto Rico
Lass alles Raus 2014 = Fernando Bolacha = SP Brazil
Estica o Chiclete, Nao se Detenha, Caminhos 2016 = Victor Vagh- Paris France


Emerson de Araújo (Brazil) is a percussionist, bandleader, vocalist and songwriter born in São Paulo.

  • As a member of the Samba School “Vai vai”, Emerson de Araújo accompanied well-established musicians such as Jorge Aragão, Almir Guineto, Arlindo Cruz, Sombrinha and Morais Moreira.
  • In 1995 he formed his first band „Papo fino“ in “Bairro da Saúde” (São Paulo). All seven members of the band had a vast repertoire of different Latin music styles and created a very special mix of Salsa and Samba, with which they were well known in a huge number of clubs in and out the center of Sao Paulo.
  • In 1999 Emerson left the band to initiate his solo career as a percussionist.• Three years later, he followed an invitation of the Brazilian embassy in Chile to attend as a percussionist an academic conference on `rural historical writings of north Brazilian culture and customs´ in Santiago de Chile.
  • He decided to stay and started to play with the very well known Joe Vasconcellos all over Chile.
  • In 2005 Emerson was asked by the Film Production „Aplaplac“ to sing and synchronize some of the figures of Latin Americas famous children’s program „31 minutos“.• In cooperation with the producer Pedro Melo, Emerson realized his first CD (MI RAZA / 2006) which consists entirely of his own compositions. The album was distributed by „Oveja Negra“ and edited by Warner Chappell.
  • The song „No-K-Che-Na“ reached the Top 10 of the most frequented radio stations and internet platforms. Besides, it was nominated for the Chilean Music Award „Altazor“ in the category “creative lyrics” and “musical realization”.• In 2008 Emerson started to play at festivals in Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, UK, Switzerland and Germany, and laid the foundation for his European career.
  • In Berlin he met the Percussion Group „Brasil Power Drums“ and joined them for some more festivals in Korea (Seoul Drums Festival), Morocco (Musique du Monde), UK (New Castle Festival), Croatia (Zagreb und Split) and Czech Republic (Prague).
  • His second disc (LIVE IN SANTIAGO DE CHILE / 201o) was recorded by the University of Chile radio station during a live concert.
  • In 2012 Emerson recorded his first DVD at “Kulturbrauerei”, a well-known venue for good live music in Berlin. In this live show he was accompanied by four female drummer of the Maracatu group „Baque Forte Berlin“
  • Since nearly 10 years Emersound is at festivals and clubs around the world on the go. Among the finest references include:
    Barcelona Fiestas de Gracia (2006)
    Sala Master Santiago de Chile (2007)
    Seoul Ferstival Drums (2009)
    Zagreb World Festival (2009)
    New Castle Carnival (2010)
    Essaouira Festival Gnaoua Marroko Feat B.P.D ( 2010)
    KulturBrauerei feat. Dj Garrincha (2010)
    Yaam Club Berlin (2011/2012/2013)
    Sony Center Berlin (2011)
    Big Bang Barcelona (2012)
    SO36 (2012)
    Fusion Festival (2013/2014)
    Coburg Samba Festival (2013/2014/2015)
    ZDF Morning Show (2014)
    Postbahnhof – 11 Freunde WM Quartier ( 2014 )
    Planet un Flowers Hamburg (2014)
    Altonale Hamburg ( 2015)
    Burg Herzberg Festival(2016)
    Zwarte Cross Festival -Holland (2016)
    Pivo in cvetje- Eslovenia (2016)

    Tootal Festival-Holland (2017)
    Bardentreffen-Germany (2018)

2014 delivered Emersound also in the course of the World Cup the soundtrack for Public Viewing at “11 Friends” and put together with the musician / producer Ajani MacDowell (Peter Fox, Patrice, Fanta4) his first German single “Schön anzusehen ” finished.



Emersound used Ultimate Ears and Microphones Shure.

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